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The headmaster spanks two misbehaving students
The headmaster spanks two..
Leah could have had any boy she wanted, if there were just any around.  The next best thing was the male staff of the school.  One by one they fell pray to here seductive methods.  At last she had made up her mind to sleep with the headmaster, ensuring he
Leah could have had any b..
Lea had left the school several weeks ago, in essence running away.  She was found by the headmaster, on the side of the street, selling her body to the highest bidder.  He brought her to the school, ready to whip her for the blatant disobedience.
Lea had left the school s..
The spanking in this video is a testament to how vicious the headmaster can be to certain students.  Sandra hadnt really done anything wrong as of late but it was felt she would eventually do something, as she had been more and more bold about her demeano
The spanking in this vide..
Shannon knows what happens when she stays out to late, but does it anyway and is called into the headmasters office to receive her punishment.  The headmaster orders Shannon to remove her dress, places her in a guillotine and uses his cane to turn he bott
Shannon knows what happen..
Mischevious Xenia recieves corporal punishment from the headmaster
Mischevious xenia recieve..
Nicky has disobeyed her teachers yet again and is called in to the headmasters office for punishment.  The headmaster orders Nicky to remove her skirt and panties and bend over the desk.  He then uses his cane pummel her behind as she cries out in a mix o
Nicky has disobeyed her t..
Angela was a good student, always wanting everyone to like her.  This came to a head though when she was basically forced to go out with a few girls from the school.  The night involved drinking and partying.  Once the headmaster found out about this, he
Angela was a good student..
The headmaster is tired of whipping and spanking Nicoleta and decides to give her a good caning.  He ties her to the table, removes her panties and uses his cane to teach Nicoleta a lesson.  Nicoleta is unable to move and cries out in pain with every cani
The headmaster is tired o..
Sylvia is called into the headmasters office and receives a thorough caning for cutting class. The headmaster bends her over, ties her up and sprays her eager bottom with water in preparation for her caning.  Sylvia cries out in a mix of pleasure and pain
Sylvia is called into the..
In todays Caning video, we see what happens when Angel really crosses the line.  Angel had been caught sneaking back and forth between the boys and girls school, selling her body to the over eager boy students.  When the Headmaster caught wind of this, he
In todays caning video, w..
Most of the girls at the school had enough decency and respect to not over emphasize there feminine features.  Halli however was quite the opposite. She was always wearing overly tight tops, showing off her full breast.  This is when the headmaster felt h
Most of the girls at the..
The headmaster heard Julie was smoking in the girls bathroom, and wanted to put an end to the nasty habit.  He had her brought into his den, and immediately instructed her to bend over and prepare to receive her punishment.    She reluctantly obliged,  kn
The headmaster heard juli..
The headmaster and the teacher place Tina in a guillotine then lift up her dress and give her a lashing she wont soon forget
The headmaster and the te..
Nikki was the riding instructor at the school, but she always seemed to be heavy handed with her whip.  Finally the day came when she had overly beat the horse, and it was found dead.  This infuriated the headmaster, who loved horses, and had spent severa
Nikki was the riding inst..
Nikki is at it again, this time with a problem in gym leading to her latest punishment.  The headmaster picked up a wooden staff, knowing the full effect it would have on her.  He repeatedly struck her until bruises began to appear, reminders for the rest
Nikki is at it again, thi..
Lucy has spent the weekend partying and failed to do her homework.  The headmaster hears about this and calls Lucy into his office where he proceeds to give her a proper spanking.  He orders her to pull down her jeans, throws her over his lap and uses his
Lucy has spent the weeken..
Katty has been extra naughty this week and is taught a stern lesson is this sexy caning video.  The headmaster wakes her up, bends her over the bend and proceeds to give her a good caning.  After a few spankings with his cane, the headmaster lowers Kattys
Katty has been extra naug..
Girl in the school seem to refuse to do as they are told.  Lara has been a model student when she first entered the school, but now things were much different.  She seemed to be going towards a downward spiral. The headmaster then felt it was proper to se
Girl in the school seem t..
Katty has recently dyed her hair, something the school forbids.  The headmaster gets word of this, calls Katty to his office and pulls her over his lap to administer her punishment.  He lifts up her skirt, lowers her panties and gives her an OTK spanking
Katty has recently dyed h..

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